Mud Stud News:
Went to Hanna Wyo, Sunday July 27, and drew the No 1 slot for the Open class..  All was good until I  let go of the trans brake.  I climbed the left hand wall and shot across the track at the finish line but had a major issue with the ditch runout.  Unfortunately the stud is toast after 3 endo's and I have 2 fractured vertebrae in my back that will take 6 weeks to heel up, but I am still alive and walking! 
  Sorry no videos of the crash or other trucks.   Check out
other Mud Stud adventures here

S i l t  M u d  S t u d
. . . s l e e p  w h e n  y o u ' r e  d e a d ! ! !


The Mud Stud's Last Run:

Hanna, WY

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